2019 #7 Newsletter (July)

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ACBS Foundation Matching Gift Opportunity

We are pleased to announce that all donations made to the ACBS Foundation before August 31, 2019, will be matched by the Aaron S. Luoma Fund for Global Equity up to $5,000 USD! You can find more information about the ACBS Foundation and the Luoma Fund on the ACBS website.


Volunteer for the ACBS Strategic Plan's "Strategy Team"

The Board identified four main strategic imperatives for the ACBS Strategic Plan 2019 - 2022 1) Expanding and improving our digital presence 2) Centering science 3) Creating a culture of empowerment and productivity 4) Building a culture of competency to support effective dissemination in ACBS. If you are interested in helping ACBS achieve our strategic goals, then please consider volunteering for the "Strategy Team."


The ACBS Grant Committee Needs Your Help

ACBS provides two $5,000 Research Development Grants for research that advances the field of CBS. The ACBS Grant Committee is looking for volunteers for the current grant cycle to help select the grant recipients. Each grant application will be reviewed by two reviewers, and the review of each application takes approximately 45 minutes. If you are available to be a grant reviewer during October 2019, then we encourage you to fill out a quick, 2-minute webform.


ACT for Sleep - Internet-delivered self-help ACT for sub-clinical and clinical insomnia: A randomized controlled trial

In JCBS Vol. 12, Päivi Lappalainen, Sitwat Langrial, Harri Oinas-Kukkonen, Joona Muotka, and Raimo Lappalainen investigates the effects of a self-help ACT-based web-intervention for sleep disturbances. The paper concludes that unguided Internet-delivered ACT can be effective in treating symptoms of insomnia and offers a useful addition to existing treatment options. ACBS members can read the paper for free in the JCBS member portal.


World Conference 17 Reflections

ACBS Student Representative Varsha Eswara Murthy expounds on her experiences at the ACBS World Conference which was held on her home ground of Dublin. In her blog, Varsha relates the highlights of her time at the conference, including Kelly Wilson’s pre-conference workshop, Janet Helms’ plenary speech, the poster session at St. Patrick's Cathedral, the numerous panels and symposia, Louise Hayes' plenary speech, and the Follies.


Thank You to the World Conference 17 Program Committee

Thank you to the World Conference 17 Program Committee Chairs, Louise McHugh and David Gillanders, and the dozens of people who volunteered for the Program Committee. Their hard work and meticulous planning made ACBS World Conference 17 an outstanding event!


2020 ACBS World Conference: New Orleans

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
July 14 - 19, 2020
Register your interest in the 2020 ACBS World Conference here.

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