Suffolk University (Boston, MA) - Lisa Coyne (ACT/RFT; PhD; USA)

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Our research lab is interested in the following broad areas of investigation:

1. Adaptation of ACT-based principles to enhance behavioral prevention and intervention approaches for children, adolescents, and families
2. Parent experiential avoidance and its role in the development and maintenance of impaired parenting, emotion socialization practices, and child behavior problems
3. Using ACT to enhance teacher behavior management strategies
4. Developing methodology to assess the impact of experiential avoidance in parent-child relationships

Current Research Projects in the Child Research Lab at Suffolk University:

1. Treatment Development & Pilot of an Acceptance and Mindfulness-Based OCD Protocol for Young Children (Aged five to eight)
2. The Role of Parental Experiential Avoidance during In-Session Exposure for Pediatric OCD
3. The Impact of Parent Experiential Avoidance on Parent-Child Interaction in Mindful Awareness vs. Emotion Control Conditions
4. Parental Experiential Avoidance and Context-Specific Stress Tolerance
5. Childhood Reactive Aggression, Emotion Socialization, and Experiential Avoidance

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