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Goldsmiths College, University of London - Frank Bond (ACT/RFT; MSc; UK)

The work in this lab focuses on several ACT/RFT-related areas: 1. Testing the outcomes and mediators of change of ACT interventions in work organisations. 2. Examining the effects of psychological flexibility on health and productivity in the work place. 3. How to measure psychological flexibility. 4. The effects of psychological flexibility on learning and performance. 5. The effects of micro ACT interventions on analogue pain. 

Visit Frank Bond's website.

Text from Frank's website: "There are two overriding aims of my current research, which is in the area of Occupational Health Psychology. First, I am examining the organisational and psychological factors that determine work effectiveness (e.g., productivity, absenteeism) and employee health (e.g., mental/physical health). Second, I am developing and testing theory-driven interventions for improving these outcomes. These interventions are of two types. The first involves redesigning people's work, in order to create an organisation, or department, that allows people to use their knowledge, skills, and abilities most effectively and efficiently. This is accomplished by, for example, giving people more control over how they carry out tasks, changing communication patterns, or clarifying roles so that they are less ambiguous and conflicting. The second type of intervention attempts to train individuals to cope more effectively with the normal, everyday stressors that exist at work. In particular, my team is now developing and evaluating training programmes that are based on cognitive-behaviour therapies, including newer 'acceptance-based', or 'mindfulness', ones. We are currently implementing and testing all of our interventions in both public and private sector organisations."



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