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Developing Nations World Conference Scholars

ACBS is an international society but in many corners of the world it is difficult for professionals to attend ACBS conferences and trainings due simply to cost. The Developing Nations Fund helps disseminate CBS in the developing world and provides scholarships for attendees from developing nations to attend the world conference. We know that our members from diverse backgrounds contribute depth and richness to the organization and this program will lead to a better ACBS for all of us.

We need your help! If you're able, please consider donating to the Developing Nations Training Fund here. Every Dollar/Euro/Yen/Peso/Farthing helps!

What ACBS offers:
The available scholarships include both pre-conference and conference in-person fee waivers. The scholarship must be used in in the year awarded and can not be delayed to future years.

To be eligible for these Developing Nations Conference Scholarships, applicants must complete the following application detailing their motivations to attend the conference, as well as a plan to share the knowledge and skills acquired with their home community. Applicants can complete the application in any language available on Google translate (we may contact you if there are responses that are difficult to understand). Applicants must also currently be residing in one of the nations listed here.

Priority will be given to applicants who demonstrate limited access to training and development resources in their current contexts, and a strong commitment to foster the dissemination and implementation of CBS in their communities.

Scholarship recipients will be required to present a brief description of their current work at this year’s conference poster session and a written report of their dissemination activity (500 words minimum) within 6 months following the conference. (Please click on an Award Recipient's name to read their activity report.)

Apply here by February 1!

Submission Deadline: The deadline for submissions is February 1st by 11:59pm Eastern Daylight Time (EDT). No submissions will be allowed after the deadline. Incomplete submissions will be disqualified. Notifications of scholarship recipients will be made via email.

Award Recipients:

ACBS World Conference 2024 - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Barbara Camila Silva, Argentina

Essa Abdullah, Egypt

Oscar Cordoba, Colombia

Veronica Marquez Barraquer, Colombia


ACBS World Conference 2023 - Nicosia, Cyprus

José Ignacio Florentín Gonzalez, Paraguay
Bryan Guerrero Trujillo, Perú
Seyed ali Kolahdouzan, Iran
Lydiah Maingi, Kenya
Dina Masoud Abdelhafez Abdraboh, Egypt
Dinara Tussupkaliyeva, Kazakhstan

ACBS World Conference 2022 - San Francisco, USA

Mario Guarderas, Ecuador
Veysel Güleç, Türkiye
Doaa Hussein, Egypt
Enver Denizhan Ramakan, Türkiye
Wenqian Zhao, China

2021 Virtual World Conference 

Mohamed Abdelalem Aziz Ahmed, Egypt
Edmond Joe Bodie Brandon, Sierra Leone
Lara Dobrkovic, Serbia
Huiyuan Li, China
Jamie Nyaa, Sierra Leone
Nevern Subermoney, South Africa
Maria Jose Vuckovich, Paraguay

ACBS World Conference 2020 ONLINE

Abu Onesimus Bockarie, Sierra Leone (unable to attend)
Tran Thi Ngoc Lan, Vietnam (attended the 2021 Virtual World conference)
Emina Osmanovic Basic, Bosnia and Herzegovina (attended the 2021 Virtual World conference)

2019 ACBS World Conference 17 - Dublin, Ireland

Khamisi Musanje, Uganda
Gabriel Sebastian Lizada, Philippines
Meryem Laamouri, Morocco
Dario Lipovac, Bosnia/Herzegovina

2018 ACBS World Conference 16 -  Montréal, Canada

Iqbalzada Abdul Hadi, Afghanistan - Unable to Attend
Fresia Hernandez, Mexico
Kizito Wamala, Uganda

2017 ACBS World Conference 15 - Seville, Spain

Edmond Brandon, Sierra Leone
Racheal Nuwagaba, Uganda
Fatema Ahmadi, Afghanistan - Unable to Attend

2016 ACBS World Conference 14 - Seattle, USA

Fernando Parada, Chile
Edmond Brandon, Sierra Leone - Unable to Attend
Fatema Ahmadi, Afghanistan - Unable to Attend

2015 ACBS World Conference 13 - Berlin, Germany


2014 ACBS World Conference 12 - Minneapolis, USA


2013 ACBS World Conference 11 - Sydney, Australia


2012 ACBS World Conference 10 - Washington D.C., USA


2011 ACBS World Conference 9 - Parma, Italy


2010 ACBS World Conference 8 - Reno, USA

The Developing Nations Fund began with a spontaneous effort to support two therapists from Sierra Leone, to participate in our World Conference in Reno. One was Sister Liz Onwuama, a teacher and catholic nun, who worked with traumatized refugees during the civil war and trained teachers all over the country to deal with traumatized children. The second was Bondu Manyeh, a social worker, who started the Graceland Counselling Services during the war to help especially women who were captured and abused, at times for years.
They came to the World Conference in part because of a program run by Beate Ebert, a German ACT clinician, who has been in Sierra Leone training professionals in ACT for traumatized people (for more on her program see ACT trainers JoAnne Dahl and D. J. Moran went to Sierra Leone to do trainings following the Reno World Conference (2010).

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