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ACBS WC Developing Nations & Diversity Scholarships

These are two similar, but distinct, scholarships to attend the ACBS World Conference. One is for individuals from a Developing Nation and one is for individuals of a diverse background (e.g., disenfranchised or minority) and with financial need.

One way to distinguish the ACBS Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee from the Developing Nations Fund is to say that:

  • The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee (DEI) works to address inequities WITHIN countries (for example by promoting inclusion of disenfranchised or minority groups to benefit their health and well-being) whereas
  • The Developing Nations Fund (DN) addresses inequalities and inequities BETWEEN countries (for example by serving to build capacity and infrastructure to promote health and well-being in developing nations).

For this year’s applications, the questions below will help applicants decide which scholarship to apply to.

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