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Sierra Leone Dissemination Activities 1 2011

From Hannah Bockarie Sierra Leone West Africa.

 Subject. Report on ACBS Conference Attended 2011.

The painful and bitter experience of the war in Sierra Leone left most people with traumatic experiences and the feeling of unstable minds, the ACBS conference has help me touch many lives. It helped build my skills that I use to help people with mental health problems. With the help of these tools, major achievements have been done in the following ways:

1. After the ACBS Conference, training was organized for eight therapists in Bo Southern part of Sierra Leone at my place of work. The topic ACT for Life was presented, for which they were very much grateful. They were able to understand the basic concept, and learned some new skills for dealing with clients.

2. A supervision meeting for therapists in Freetown the capital city was organized where I facilitate on the topic ACT and the Treatment of Trauma. This helps therapists learn the usefulness of ACT in the treatment of trauma, a new tool of dealing with traumatic cases which helps them better understand the painful feelings, unstable minds, and unwanted thoughts clients goes through as a result of the traumatic experience. These tools are used by most therapists.

3. The training has help me with new skills which I use to help my clients with different cases in both individual and group counseling and the communities.

4. A workshop is organized for thirty participants which is going to be facilitated by Beate and her team from the 5th to the 7th of March 2012 to help therapists with new tools in working with clients with mental health problems. (Scroll down for pictures).

Action Plan

1 . I have written a proposal in which the objective is to open a Commit and ACT center in Bo, the second capital city of Sierra Leone. I am seeking funds to help facilitate the process.

2. To continue supporting other therapists through trainings, and to continue with individual and group sessions for both old and new clients.

Pictures from the March 2012 Sierra Leone ACT Workshop

^ ACBS Members, left to right: Beate Ebert, Hannah Bockarie, Ross White

^ ACT workshop participants complete the "Life Line" exercise together.

^ The group who participated in the Seirra Leone ACT Workshop March 5th-7th, 2012




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