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Egypt Dissemination Activities 2023

       Dina Masoud Abdelhafez Abdraboh, Egypt

I am a psychiatrist and psychotherapist using ACT for 3 years now and I have special interest about using it with children and adolescents. But I also use it with adults.

I wrote a book about it then took course with Dr. Steven Hayes and admired his way of therapy alot. I used it in many disorders in adults and also with adolescents with great results.

I am interested in research with adolescents and children.

It was amazing actually.. I took to different people and learned alot from the sessions.

They are very helpful people and appreciate science and doing their best so we can all share our experiences together.

Better understanding of ACT in my practice and to be more deep when using it... I had better understanding of the concept of transdiagnostic approach.

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