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Developing Nations Training Fund

We need your support!

ACBS is an international society but in many corners of the world it is difficult for professionals to attend ACBS conferences and trainings due simply to cost. The Developing Nations Fund helps disseminate CBS in the developing world and provides scholarships for attendees and presenters from developing nations to attend the world conference. We know that our members from diverse backgrounds contribute depth and richness to the organization and this program will lead to a better ACBS for all of us.

Often a very small amount of help can make a huge difference in their home country -- professionals often play a very important role in public policy and determining what kinds of services are available.

Every dollar/euro/yen goes to helping those in need -- not a nickel goes to administration. Since its inception 30+ professionals in developing countries around the world have come to the the ACBS World Conference, and several trainings have been held in developing countries.

Money collected for this fund is distributed by an ACBS Developing Nations Fund committee. Scholarships are awarded based on need and merit. Click here to see previous scholarship recipients. 

Won't you help? You may donate via Paypal by using the button below. 

Please note that this contribution does not qualify as a tax-deductible charitable contribution, according to USA tax law ... but it's a nice thing to do.

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