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Cansağlığı Foundation, Center for Contextual Behavioral Science (Bağlamsal Davranış Bilimleri Merkezi - BAĞDAM) - K. Fatih Yavuz (ACT/RFT/Applied RFT/Behavioral/FC; Türkiye)

Understanding human behavior may be possible with a method that considers different dimensions such as genetics, neuroscience, language, cognition, emotion, relationship, belief, and culture, as well as the individual, family, group, and society levels. Such a scientific activity will pave the way for developing a higher understanding and culture, both in the individual and social fields, and contribute to alleviating human suffering.

BAĞDAM is a research center established within the Canan Bayraktar Community Health Foundation aimed to generate study groups, laboratories, and necessary scientific research infrastructures for studying human behavior and clinical problems at multiple levels and dimensions within the framework of contextual behavioral science. One of our primary goals is to provide young researchers in our country with a scientific perspective and research culture. We also aim to bring together national and international researchers, professionals, and students from different fields within the framework of behavioral sciences to carry out joint projects and create the understanding and ground that will allow the creation of innovative studies and products that can contribute to the area.

Focus of lab:

ACT/RFT/Applied RFT/Behavioral/FC

Country in which the lab is located:





Current research areas:

  • Experience Sampling Methodology (ESM)
  • Psychosis
  • Digital İnterventions for Mental Health
  • Suicide
  • Burnout
  • Repetitive Negative Thinking
  • Psycho-oncology
  • Trauma and Related Disorders

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