ACT with Children, Adolescents, Parents, Teachers, Etc.

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For updates and additional information, see the Children, Adolescents and Families SIG page. 

Hi all. I am attaching a Word file that provides information about ACT and/or ACT-related work with youth. There are some quick to review charts and lists, manuscript summaries, and references, as well as contact information for individuals working with "kiddos" or parents, teachers, etc. There is some admitted overlap and also some non-repetition between those things - so, for example, some (but not all) of the stuff listed in charts is listed in summaries and some citations are in summaries but not the reference list, etc. I ask that you just read it all carefully and overlook the imperfections. One of my students (Andrew Scherbarth) and I spent a good deal of time and have worked quite hard to get it looking as good as is does. A lot of information is there. We have excluded work that is only basic in nature. Therefore, it does not address RFT, stimulus equivalence studies, or the like UNLESS there was a clear clinical application in the title or abstract of the article, chapter, etc. I think that would be a great addition to the RFT section of this website (hint, hint). We are doing some of that in my lab now and may get around to posting it later, but if someone else could do it sooner... We did include in-press, in-review, in-preparation, ongoing, and even upcoming studies that I know of in addition to the published stuff. We included people doing clinical work without research components, but not in much detail. I did my best to include everything and mention everybody that I know has done or is doing this work. Please, please, forgive me if I forgot anything/anyone. If I wrongly included you, or you don't want to be included, I apologize. Please, let us all know. Also, if I did not know about you/your work and it should be included, please, take an active role in speaking and stepping up. We need more ACT stuff with these groups! What I hope is that people interested in clinical or research work with youth and related populations will "make themselves known" by adding their contact information and interests to this list. Ideally, new communication will be fostered and known contacts will be stregthened in efforts to advance this work. I provided some suggestions at WorldCon2 about where I think we need to go. If you take up those topics or others with youth, please let us all know! Thanks and take care, Amy

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