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removing name

I need to delete my former entry completely (have added an update and prefer it to the former entry). How do I do this?

Please email your question

Please email acbsstaff@contextualscience.org, and I will help you out.



How do list serve feeds direct into a file that is not my inbox?

I am getting too many emails into my inbox - do I need to adjust a setting on this forum, or is it a setting in my outlook program?

daily digest for the listserv

On the listserv, you can select "daily digest" so that you only receive one email per day from the listserv with all of the messages included. Open one of your listserv messages, then at the top right click "visit your group", then click "edit membership". You'll see the option to change from "individual email" to "daily digest", then click "save changes". One drawback with "daily digest"... if anyone attaches files to their emails, you will not get them.

Let me know if this doesn't answer your question.