Swansea University: Louise McHugh & Simon Dymond (RFT/ACT processes; MSc, PhD; Wales)

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The RFT & ACT Lab is a sub-group of the Learning and Behaviour research group at Swansea University in Wales.

Co-coordinated by Louise McHugh, current research projects include work on perspective-taking, derived semantic priming, transformation of functions, experimental psychopathology (fear, avoidance, thought suppression), and the development of hierarchical relations. A growing group of undergraduates, postgraduates, and externally funded researchers participate in lab meetings, conferences, and workshops. A new Masters in Behaviour Analysis commenced in September 2006 during which students will have the opportunity to pursue a research project in RFT or ACT related topics.

Visit Louise McHugh's academic website.

Visit Simon Dymond's academic website.