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Severe Substance Abuse Problems

The attachments contain the individual and group ACT protocols (and group handouts) that were designed for use in severe substance abuse problems and were tested in:

An Individual ACT protocol designed for use in severe substance abuse problems. Experimental tests to date: Hayes, S. C., Wilson, K. G., Gifford, E. V., Bissett, R., Piasecki, M., Batten, S. V., Byrd, M., & Gregg, J. (2004). A randomized controlled trial of twelve-step facilitation and acceptance and commitment therapy with polysubstance abusing methadone maintained opiate addicts. Behavior Therapy, 35, 667-688.

Note that the group manual was set up to support the individual manual ... it is not designed for use by itself. Exp

If you have questions email the researchers ... don't just post a comment here (there is not procedure that forwards that to the researchers and there are thousands of pages on this website)

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