Severe Substance Abuse Problems

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An Individual ACT protocol designed for use in severe substance abuse problems.

Experimental tests to date:

Hayes, S. C., Wilson, K. G., Gifford, E. V., Bissett, R., Piasecki, M., Batten, S. V., Byrd, M., & Gregg, J. (2004). A randomized controlled trial of twelve-step facilitation and acceptance and commitment therapy with polysubstance abusing methadone maintained opiate addicts. Behavior Therapy, 35, 667-688.

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Still searching for the ACT handbook and ACT workbook...

Hi, I'm working at a psychologist in the treatment of drug addictions, and we're establishing group-therapy according to the ACT-principles. I can see that many before me have made inquiries about the whereabouts of the ACT handbook and the ACT workbook - has anybody had any luck in localizing this material? Thanks :-)

Further Materials

I work as a substance abuse and mental health clinician at a community mental health center and I'm interested in using elements of this protocol with many of my clients. However, it seems like many aspects of it are missing, particularly the "ACT Handbook" and the "ACT Workbook." Where can I find those materials?

SUD protocol

Is this protocol still available or has it been taken off the website? Thanks.

Self-esteem sandwich metaphor

I am working in a methadone clinic and am in the process of putting together an ACT group. I have found this individual protocol to be a very helpful guide. The protocol mentions an "ACT Handbook." Has this been published? If not, am I allowed to have access to this handbook? If not, this protocol references a metaphor called the "self-esteem sandwich metaphor," could someone let me know the specifics of this metaphor?

Thank you,
Victoria Brady, PsyD

act workbook

This protocol makes reference to an ACT Workbook and Comprehensive Substance Involvement Worksheets, etc. Wher do we find those?

JD Loveland

Re: act workbook

Hi JD,

Unfortunately these are not yet posted to the website. I will email the authors on your behalf. If they are available for posting to the site, we will do so.

All the best!

ACT Substance Abuse

I realize it has been years since your post.

Do you (or anyone else) know if the treatment protocol was ever uploaded/attached to a page on the ACBS website?

Thank you in advance for your help.


Or I can be emailed at

ACT workbook


Any news on your e-mail? I manage 2 therapeutic drug communities and I am trying to incorporate ACT. This would be very helpful. I am willing to purchase the materials.


Clete Deller

substance abuse

Hi Clete
I am working as a volunteer at a residential substance abuse/dependence unit and am after info or advise on using ACT.
I have some experience of ACT with individual counselling and really believe in its usefullness, but the unit has now knowledge of it per se. Do you have or know of a protocol or interventions suitable for alcoholics/drug addics (AFTER DETOX).
Mark Baxter