Registered Agent for US businesses

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To be the Registered Agent (and you designate one when you incorporate) means that they would be mailed the annual "time to renew your state business license" forms (which they could forward to the current chapter leadership), as well as any "official government documentation". Things like a court summons, etc., would also be mailed to the "Registered Agent" on file with the state. Tax returns, etc. aren't mailed out anymore, so that doesn't go there.The registered agent is fairly easy to change, but it's ideal to have it be someone that wouldn't mind doing it long term. Someone established in your state. (Note, the registered agent isn't legally responsible for anything, they're just the address on file, so to speak.) 

If you were ever to have a W-2 employee that you paid, and needed to file federal and state quarterly taxes, those can be mailed anywhere (you could even put your accountant's address on those if that is what they agreed to).

Because ACBS no longer has an office in the state in which we're incorporated (Nevada), but we must have a "resident agent" in that state (unless we want to reincorporate in a different state), we actually hired a company. (There are companies in every state that will do this for you.) It's $100-$150 per year for us, and they just forward anything addressed to us, and we can update our address with them whenever we want. To date, as we haven't had any court related issues, they receive one piece of mail for us per year (our reminder to renew our state business license, along with our form to update our list of officers) and forward that to us. If someone in your chapter is willing to do this longterm, you could save yourselves some money, and not need to change the address frequently.