Programs, Activities, Events

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What programs/activities should we be doing?

How will we get our programs/activities done?

How to plan for a "Local Conferences": planning, orgainzing, execuiting (one of the more ambitous events availiable to chapters/SIGs)

Video of experienced "local conference" organizers

What are the most common events to plan for?

How do we organize a training event?

How do we attract an experienced trainer to provide a training?

How do we maintain quality?

Who is qualified to provide a training?

How do we best promote events?

How can we arrange for CE's for our local events?

How do we manage and mininize the financial risk of hosting an event?

How do we make a webinar?

How do we organize a social event?

Is there seed money (or loans) available from ACBS for activities we sponsor?

How can we put together a successful Peer Consultation group?

How do we organize a peer, study, consult, practice or supervision group?

What are the different types of study/consult groups?

What is the Portand Model of peer consult groups?

How do we promote and coordinate our consult or supervision group?