Peer Consultation Groups

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One of the most common and fundamental activies among our many chapters and SIGs are variations on peer-to-peer ACT supervsion group. There are many variations on how such groups are being run by many of our chapters. ACT, CBS, RF, theory, conceptualization, process are discussed and skills developed didactically and experientially. They usually run on a monthly bassis.

Getting a consult group started starts with brining together a core group of interested CBS members, deciding what type of group you would most like to start with (see types below), deciding whehter the group is open or closed to new members (group size for peer consult is usually 5 to 12, for study groups can be larger), deciding on the format for conducting that type of group, and making sure a core group is committed to regular meetings with limited absences.  You should list your group somewhere, home chapters website, mother ships website, etc.  Try it for a while, look back after several meetings and adjust format if necessary.


1. Some are more like study groups, a text or article, or topic is chosen for mutual discussion.

2.Some are more like case clinical conferences in which someone presents a case, someone (or the group) gives feedback on ACT realted conceptualization, procesess and intervention, in addtion to seeing what proceses the therapist him/herself is engaged in. A formal description of this type of group is described in the "Portland Model", is attached in the PDF below.

3. Some consultation groups are "open" some "closed"; closed could mean, e.g., a core group of individuals are asked to make a minimum commitment of monthly meetings for a year, "open" could mean individuals make no particular commitment, show up now and then over the course of the year, paticipants therefore vary on any given meeting. A host-facilitator is chosen and/or rotating faciliators are there to choose a topic, faciliate case conference, etc.

Feel free to contact local chapters in your region to discuss questons about starting such a group and make sure to list your consult or study group with your local chapter, get listed on the closest chapters homepage and on the general ACBS peer group consult page. If there isn't a chapter in your region, state or province, also consider making your ACT consult or study group an official ACBS "affiliate".

Contact Chapter & SIG committee for help and/or questions.