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*Under Construction*

The most important thing about "activities" is to simply agree on a goal that is important to your members, form a plan, and execute it.  Start small and work your way up to larger goals....or not. Here are a few suggestions:

That is the kernel around which every chapter, SIG, affiliate, is builty around, a common interest.  Gather some like minded folks, work with your regional/local chapter/affiliate to find such members (if none exists in your area consider starting an affiliate, is very, very informal and easy).  You can also use the main listserv to find potentially interested members if the local affiliate or chapter does not have a listserv, facebook page, etc.  Gather those memers together and decide on what type of CBS interest you would like to participate in.  Follow your interests, leave the administrative worries aside for now...what brings you all together and what might a coordinated effort for that interest look like (see the types of groups, events, groups below that have brought folks together before).  Make a decision to form around that type of goal/activity (see the list of examples below).  Make sure you are looking at all the resources avalioable on this reource section of the webiste.  Reach out to more experienced chapters/affiliates/SIGs and ask for some guidance/mentoring.  You can also reach out to the "Chatper and SIG Committee" for guidance and helping to put you in touch with the right experienced pepole.  If you already have a board or SIG or affiliate formed, you can also put questions up onto the chapterofficerlisterv.



  • Serve as a hub for information relevant to your interests. You can use your space on the ACBS website to store information as text, attachments, videos, and pictures.
  • Distribute a newsletter amongst your group (even if only on a semi-annual or annual basis).
  • Compile a directory of your group member’s information, and distribute it amongst your group.
  • Host social networking events -- such as an ACT film night or cocktail party.
  • Organize symposia or panel discussions; for the ACBS World Conference, or for regional ACBS conferences. World Conference submissions can be formally sponsored by SIGs or Chapters, which makes them more likely to be accepted, and this sponsorship is listed in the program.
  • Suggest possible invited speakers to the ACBS conference program chair or committee.
  • Create a recommended readings list with an annotated bibliography. Make recommendations of readings for different skill-levels – clients, general public, undergraduate, graduate, professional. Post them on the website or distribute them to members.
  • Cooperatively prepare a paper or text for publication.
  • Give recognition or an awards to an individual, business, or organization who is advancing CBS in your area.
  • Start a weekly or monthly peer-supervision group for research and/or clinical topics.
  • Organize training events such as workshops and lectures.
  • Outreach to local Universities and make your members availiable for ACT, RFT, CBS, lectures, workshops, etc.
  • Create a reading group, where you pick books or articles to read and discuss together.
  • Engage in legislative activism. Write letters to governmental representatives to inform them of your interests in relation to their activities.
  • Network leaders in fields related to your interests who are not ACBS members.
  • Apply to relevant oraganizations for CE status (the ability to grant CE credits to attenedees at your training events)
  • Apply to ACBS for co-sponsored CE psychologist credits for your training events
  • Raise funds for activities in your area in Developing Nations.
  • Sponsor a listserv.