Chapter & SIG Seed Loans

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This Chapter & SIG "Seed Loan" program is intended to allow ACBS Chapters & SIGs, currently without financial resources, to apply for a loan to support a revenue-generating event.  ACBS recognizes that many chapters and SIGs lack the finanical resources needed to host events (e.g. ACT training, speakers, etc), such as placing a down payment on a venue.  This loan is therefore intended to encourage the dissemination of ACT, RFT, and CBS, and promote local, community-based growth.

The fixed rotating funds must be repaid upon completion of the event, so that they can be loaned to another chapter & SIG in the future. ACBS is not liable for any outstanding financial obligation that may occur with the help of this loan, the quality of the training, or for any damages that may occur as a result of the event. The awarding of a loan through this program does not imply ACBS endorsement of any kind. 

For additional questions regarding these or other chapter & SIG concerns, contact members of the "Chapter & SIG Committee". Chair; Mark Sisti, PhD & Deputy Chair Brian Pilecki

See the attached 3 forms for more detailed information.

1 of 3:  Loan Application Guidelines

2 of 3: Loan Applicaiton Form

3 of 3: Loan Scoring Rubric

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