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Our Activities

ACBS Foundation Grant

The ACBS Foundation is proud to announce a new funding mechanism for CBS projects related to the environment, social justice, and behavior in real life contexts.

In particular, we are looking to support and fund projects that break new ground. These could include - but are not limited to - projects focusing on:

• global warming
• interventions in hitherto untested populations
• novel applications or modalities of interventions
• projects focused on dissemination
• projects that address public policy
• projects that measure outcomes of training
• projects that examine interventions in naturally occurring groups (prosocial)
• projects that have the potential to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion and/or address institutional racism
• projects involving developing nations, refugees or other disenfranchised or marginalized people
• projects that address biological correlates of CBS-relevant targets (multi-level approaches)
• interventions using technology that would have a wide reach to help people in their natural contexts

ACBS Foundation Student Scholarship

The Foundation coordinates the awarding of student scholarships to attend and learn cutting-edge information about contextual science at the ACBS World Conference.

Read more about our previous Grant & Scholarship Recipients here

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