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Our Values and Vision


We started with a vision to make people thrive…. We continue with the vision to inspire the society about our work…. And help people make the most of their lives.

Where We Started

ACBS is a professional organization whose purpose is to meet the needs of its professional members. Early on, the association recognized the need to form a Foundation that would enable the broader goals of ACBS, over and above meeting the needs of its members. The ACBS Foundation was established thanks to the generous donation of two longtime members, Jason Luoma and Jenna LeJeune. Thanks to their donation, the ACBS Foundation was made practical and sustainable. The ACBS Foundation serves the needs of the worldwide community through the programs listed below. 

Where We Contribute

Funding students to attend and learn cutting-edge information about contextual science at the ACBS World Conference. Student scholarships set the premises for the future scientists to work to expand CBS and apply it to emerging societal challenges.

Funding for CBS projects related to the environment, social justice, and behavior in real life contexts.

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