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Find an ACT Trainer - Mrs. Beate Ebert

Beate Ebert

Private Practice
Aschaffenburg, Bayern
Highest Degree Held: Other
Specialties: Treatment of crisis and couples
Languages spoken: Deutsch, English
Licensures/Certifications: Clinical Psychologist
ACT/CBS Background and Training: Participation in workshops (lead by Steven Hayes, Kelly Wilson, Rainer Sonntag, Robin Walser, JoAnne Dahl, DJ Moran, Russ Harris, Mavis Tsai and others) and ACBS World Conferences starting 2006

Presenting posters and workshops at ACBS World Conferences starting 2009

Theoretical background with "Acceptance and Commitment Therapy" by Hayes, Strohsal and Wilson, Niklas Törnekes RFT-Book and with a couple of other great ACT books

Supervision with Rainer Sonntag from 2007 to 2013, followed by supervision with Mavis Tsai

Presenting ACT Workshops since 2010

Organizing ACT-trainings for professionals in Sierra Leone, Westafrica, since 2010; starting a psychosocial clinic there in 2014; using ACT/PROSOCIAL for Ebola prevention and becoming leaders in the field in our district;

Founding member of the German Speaking ACBS Chapter (DGKV)

Accepted as a peer reviewed ACT trainer in July 2014
ACT/CBS Experience: I am using ACT since Juli 2006 with hundreds of clients and workshop participants
Additional Information: Peer reviewed ACT trainer

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