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Find an ACT Trainer - Fredrik Livheim

Fredrik Livheim

Karolinska Institute, Stockholm. Department of clinical neuroscience
Clinical psychologist, PhD
Stockholm, Stockholms län
Highest Degree Held: Ph.D.
Specialties: ACT as prevention, ACT with work related stress
Languages spoken: English, Svenska
Licensures/Certifications: Licensed clinical psychologist
ACT/CBS Background and Training: Summary of Fredrik’s ACT experience

2011, December 1st Peer Reviewed ACT Trainer
Fredrik became Peer Reviewed ACT Trainer and member of the ACT Trainers

2002-2012 ACT training given by Fredrik Livheim
- Fredrik has given 68 full day workshops on ACT
- Fredrik has given 97 half day (or shorter) workshops on ACT
- Fredrik has supervised 5 final thesis’s within the master of clinical psychology program
(3 RCTs and 2 pre- post studies on ACT. Final thesis work is one semester)

2002-2011 ACT and RFT training received by Fredrik Livheim
- Fredrik has received 57 full day workshops on ACT
- Fredrik has received 8 full day workshops on RFT
- Fredrik has received 1,5 year weekly ACT supervision by JoAnne Dahl
(part of my clinical CBT training. The supervision in group with 3 other students weekly, three hours each).
- JoAnne Dahl is Fredrik’s external supervisor for PhD studies and gives regular
supervision 2010-2014 .

2002-2012 ACT treatment protocols created by Fredrik Livheim
- Fredrik has written 2 ACT protocols
(”ACT – To prevent stress and promote health”, consisting of 190 pages, and ” ACT for teenagers in Institutional Care”, 150
- Fredrik has trained 306 professionals on how to use them
(4 or 10 full days training depending on protocol)
- 7 studies has been performed on those 2 protocols
(4 RCTs, 3 pre- post without control group. All has promising or good results. 3 more studies are on their way).

1993-2012 Mindfulness experience
- Fredrik has completed two Vipassana10-day retreats in silence in a Buddhist
monastery in Thailand 1993. And has since then practiced Mindfulness.
- Fredrik has taught two full courses in Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy
(MBCT) for therapists in 2003.
- Fredrik has been leading mindfulness groups continuously for three years 1994-
ACT/CBS Experience: Since 2002

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