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Find an ACT Trainer - Kelly Wilson

Kelly Wilson

University of Mississippi
Professor Emeritus of Psychology
United States
Highest Degree Held: Ph.D.
Specialties: Treatment development; training and supervision; professional development; substance abuse; academic risk; novel applications of ACT and RFT; general clinical applications
Languages spoken: English
ACT/CBS Background and Training: I spent 11 years pre and post doc at the University of Nevada, Reno. Steve Hayes was my mentor. I wrote the original ACT grants with Steve, including 4 years of rejections, until our first grant was funded in 1993. I am co-author of the original ACT book in 1999 and its revision in 2011, and many early articles on ACT and RFT. I am also co-author of numerous subsequent articles, chapters and books on ACT, RFT, and their theoretical and philosophical bases. I suppose that mainly, I am a theory and philosophy geek, treatment developer, clinical and academic teacher. I spent my career delighting in grad and undergrad teaching and research at the University of Mississippi. I retired from my post at UM in May 2019. I currently live near Tucson, AZ. I continue to teach and consult internationally.
ACT/CBS Experience: I have been using and developing ACT since 1989. (Well, technically since 1991, the year we changed the name--Comprehensive Distancing before that;-)
Additional Information: Although I no longer do therapy. I do offer individual training opportunities both online and in-person.

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