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Find an ACT/CBS Therapist or Practitioner - Brittany Ahern Nwachie

Brittany Ahern Nwachie

Private Practice
Santa Ana, California
United States
Highest Degree Held: MSW
Languages spoken: English
Licensures/Certifications: LCSW 96924
ACT/CBS Background and Training: ACT Bootcamp 2024
Trauma Focused ACT with Dr. Russ Harris 2023
Intro to ACT with Dr. Russ Harris 2023
Trauma and ACT with Dr. Robyn Walser in 2023
ACT for systemic and oppressive racism with Dr. Jennifer Payne in 2023
And have read some ACT books and videos, use ACT with Clients and with myself
ACT/CBS Experience: 1+ year

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