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Find an ACT Trainer - Jenna LeJeune

Jenna LeJeune

Portland Psychotherapy Clinic, Research, & Training Center
Licensed Psychologist
Portland, Oregon
United States
Highest Degree Held: Ph.D.
Specialties: trauma, relationships, sexuality, and intimacy concerns, values clarification, eating disorders
Languages spoken: English
Licensures/Certifications: Oregon license #1600
ACT/CBS Background and Training: I have been training in and practicing ACT since about 2000. I am a peer reviewed ACT trainer and provide ACT trainings for other professionals both within the US and internationally. I am the co-founder and President of Portland Psychotherapy Clinic, Research, and Training Center where we provide therapy services, conduct research, and offer trainings/workshops related to contextual behavioral science, particularly ACT. In addition, I provide supervision in ACT to psychologist residents in our postdoctoral fellowship program. I am also co-author of the book "Values in Therapy: A Clinician's Guide to Helping Clients Explore Values, Increase Psychological Flexibility, and Live a More Meaningful Life."

In my clinical practice I specialize in working with people struggling with various relationship difficulties, including problems with intimacy, trauma-related relationship challenges, and also a person’s relationship with themselves and their own body. Much of my clinical work focuses on ways in which compassion/self-compassion and perspective taking can be used to address issues related to shame, stigma, and self-criticism.
ACT/CBS Experience: Since approximately 2000
Additional Information: For more information about me and my practice, please visit Portland Psychotherapy Clinic at

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