Board/ Administration

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How do we take care of all that other "stuff"? What is all that "other stuff"?

How can we share administrative functions among our leadership?

What are bylaws?

What do Chapter bylaws need to contain?

Is there a good template for bylaws?

What do the by-laws really mean for us?

Can we change by-laws after writing them?

How do we edit/modify our bylaws?

Does ACBS need to approve those changes?

Who or what constitutes a board?

Are SIGs required to have a board?

Are Affiliates required to have a board?

Are Chapters required to have a board?

How do we manage elections?

Who can vote, board members, members?

How do we announce & recruit nominees?

How long can you stay in office, term limits?

What happens if nominees are uncontested, do we still need a vote?

How do we get ACBS to help run our election?

What are Board members required to do? (fiduciary duty)

Can we use the ACBS logo?

How do I use the Chapter/SIG membership interface on the ACBS website? How do I monitor ACBS membership?

What images can I use on the ACBS website?

Does an affiliate need to have a chapter sponsoring it?

How do I complete chapter "annual reports"?

When are annual reports do?

Who completes the annual report?

Can I access last years annual report?

What are the special needs and challenges of Administering International Chapters SIG Affiliates?

How do I edit this website?

Who can edit the ACBS website?

What can I edit on the ACBS website?

How do I add a question about Chapter or SIG or Affiliates to this website?

How do I add an answer about Chapter or SIG or Affiliates to this website?

Whom can I turn to for experienced advice?

How can we contact other experienced board members?

Who can use the officer listserv?

How do I post to the officer listserv?

What is the officer listserv?