Annual Reports

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Annual reports are required for all Chapters & SIGs.

Annual reporting to ACBS helps ACBS to stay informed about what each chapter has been up to, what you are planning, what activities occurred during your year, what problems you have encountered, what feedback you would like to give us, your wish list for Chapters, etc. (this data is collected in spreadsheet format, via your Annual reports submitted on the website).

Reporting is requested by April 15th for the previous calendar year. Chapters/SIGs formed in the final 3 months of a calendar year, are not required to report in the following April. (We know you're just getting started.)

Your main contact person listed (in your report) will be reminded by email on when the annual is report is coming due. He/she or any other board member may be tasked with completing the report. If your Chapter/SIG needs to change your official contact during the year, please email the ACBS office ( at any time, to do so.

Each time someone submits the Annual Report, they will get an emailed copy of your input in text format. We recommend you save a copy of this on your own hardrive for future reference, e.g., so that you don't have to recreate the entire process from scratch the following year, to track your own goals, etc.

You can save, edit and work on the Annual Report over the course of a couple of weeks if you like.  To do this, you must log in prior to submitting the information in the form, and enter at least one keystroke in each required field, you may edit it (via the link emailed to you) until the submission deadline.