Use of ACBS logo by Chapters and SIGs

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Chapters and SIGs may use the ACBS logo when appropriate online and in print.  The one caveat is that it needs to be 100% clear that the event/program or whatever it's being used with is being promoted by the Chapter/SIG and not by ACBS international. ACBS can provide you with the ACBS logo files as requested (image only, with text, etc.).

ACBS retains all ownership and copyright of the logo, in its original and derivitive forms. Chapters and SIGs do not have the authority to grant rights for the use of the logo or other ACBS intellectual property (including, but not limited to, membership lists) to a 3rd party or other affiliate.

ACBS is willing to make special logos for a Chapter or SIG as requested.

We need to know the exact wording you want on the logo and what file format you need it in.  (Our native files will be in .ai, Adobe Illustrator, but you can't open it unless you have that program.  We can make jpg, tiff, bmp, pdf, etc.)

Here are examples of chapter logos.