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Tracking measurement behavior and correcting course: Introduction to the special issue on measurement in JCBS (Pages 166-167)

Journal of Contextual Behavioral Science (JCBS)

Special Issue on Measurement in JCBS

Volume 17, July 2020, Pages 166-167


Emily K. Sandoz, Karen Kate Kellum


  • The target article, “How contextual behavioral scientists measure and report about behavior: A review of JCBS” (Newsome, Newsome, & Fuller, 2019) highlights the key finding they originally presented in the Seville symposium and offers key recommendations.
  • We were fortunate to receive strong commentaries, three of which completed the peer review process.
  • Together these four articles offer, not just an alert that we hope JCBS readers consider with care and curiosity, but also a rich contextual account of how this trend came to be, and how each of might contribute to correcting course.

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