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Forwarding the ACBS Task Force recommendations: The case for the functional-cognitive framework and out-of-sample prediction (Pages 164-167)

Journal of Contextual Behavioral Science (JCBS)

Special Issue on Invited Commentaries on ACBS TaskForce Report

Volume 26, October 2022, Pages 164-167


Jan De Houwer & Jamie Cummins


It is important that scientists reflect on their scientific aims and on how to achieve those aims. The report of the ACBS Task Force on the strategies and tactics of CBS research is an important document in that it provides explicit recommendations on what is needed to realize the aims of CBS. In this invited commentary on the report, we reflect on two ways in which several of the recommendations in the report can be fulfilled. More specifically, we specify the ways that the Functional-Cognitive framework can be used to foster communication and collaboration at different levels of analysis, and the ways in which modern data scientific approaches (specifically out-of-sample prediction) can be used in the context of existing statistical methods to provide ideographic prediction.

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