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USA - New Mexico - Albuquerque & Santa Fe Affiliate of ACBS

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Albuquerque & Santa Fe

Affiliated 2017

Contact Information

Rae Littlewood, PhD


ABQ/SF - ACBS is a local community for those interested in learning more about ACT, third generation CBT, contextual behavioral science (CBS), and other acceptance/mindfulness informed psychotherapies (ACT, DBT, MBSR, FAP, CFT, MBCT, etc). The purpose of ABQ/SF - ACBS is to keep affiliates informed about local events and/or if you so choose, to become more involved in the ACT & CBS community, by hosting or attending local ACT & related workshops, study groups, training, and networking opportunities within the third generation CBT and more generally the evidence based psychotherapy community.

ABQ/SF - ACBS is a local affiliate of the international organization ACBS, (Association for Contextual Behavioral Science). A New Mexico chapter does not yet exist but hopefully as the community comes together and grows, forming a chapter for New Mexico is a next step. While ABQ/SF - ACBS membership is free, affiliates are required to be a current member of the international ACBS organization (dues are value based, which means you pay what you can afford given the value of what you receive, one time per year). The ACBS website is an awesome resource. There are many free ACT related resources, from assessments and worksheets for clinical practice, to audio/video resources for training or clinical use, and published materials related to theory and evidence for ACT efficacy.

Community Gatherings for the ACBS (Association of Contextual and Behavioral Science) Affiliate in Albuquerque & Santa Fe: There are currently no plans for in-person meetings. 

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