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Ukraine - Affiliate of ACBS

Ukraine Affiliate of ACBS

Affiliated 2023

We welcome all ACBS members from Ukraine. If you are from other country and want to stand with Ukrainians we are welcoming you too.

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Contact Information:

Kateryna Solomianova-Kyrylchuk -
Olena Sushan -


Upcoming Events:

  • Each even Wednesday at 19.00 Kyiv time (GTM+3) - The reading club
  • Each odd Wednesday at 19.00 Kyiv time (GTM+3) - ACT Talks

Past Events:

18/07/2023 - Workshop "Living with Difficult Emotions: Integrating ACT and DBT Strategies" by Olga V. Berkout, Ph.D.
05/07/2023 - Online meeting with dr. Steven C. Hayes
28/06/2023 - The workshop "From Values ​​to Action: Proactivity in Life and Therapy" facilitated by Olena Sushan
20/06/2023 - The peer-intervision facilitated by Aliona Kaminska
18/06/2023 - The webinar "Autism: understanding and modern therapy as an example of behavioral analysis" speaker ABA Therapist Anastasiia Angelova
07/06/2023 - The webinar "Nuts and bolts of giving psychological help for LGBTQ+ people" speaker Anna Sharygina
24/05/2023 - The workshop "Building flexible sence of self" facilitated by Kateryna Solomianova-Kyrylchuk 
17/05/2023 - The webinar "The Hunger Spectrum: Demystifying Eating Disorders" facilitated by Olena Sushan
13/04/2023 - The meeting with dr. Janina Scarlet "How to overcome the war impact on the mental health with the help of Superhero therapy"
16/03/2023 - The workshop "How to setup behavioral goals" facilitated by Kateryna Solomianova-Kyrylchuk
03/03/2023 - The peer-intervision "ACT for narcistic clients" facilitated by Kateryna Solomianova-Kyrylchuk
23/02/2023 - The kick-off meeting

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