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ACT/RFT Powerpoints

This page is designed to organize the various ACT/RFT and related powerpoint presentation materials from workshop trainings, conference presentations, and other professional talks. Below we have included links to several presentations available on the site. You can add new talks by either adding a new page here (see instructions below) or by adding a page in one of the sections linked to this page. Please email us using the contact us link if you would like to have any additional links to power points added to the main body of this page.

Materials for Presenting ACT

This page lists a number of power points and other presentation materials from workshops, conference presentations, and other professional presentations as examples for how to present ACT to others.


To Add Content Creating content on this site is very easy:

1. Log in to your ACBS member account (you cannot create content as a guest).

2. Find your way to this parent page.

3. Click [add child page] at the top.

4. Provide a concise, descriptive title.

5. Either attach a power point or a link to the content.

6. Remember to click [save].

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