ACT/RFT Presentations: Workshops and Talks from Other Conferences

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ACT in the UK Symposium, BABCP National Conference 2008
This page includes power points as well as audio for a symposium highlighting some of the ACT research being conducted in the United Kingdom.

Psychotherapy Networker Session March 2008
This page includes a presentation and workshop presented by Steve Hayes at the Psychotherapy Networker in 2008.

EABCT, Helsinki 2008
This page includes slides from a presentation and two workshops presented by Steve Hayes at EABCT in 2008.

HEAT Presentation at ISTSS
This page includes a power point about HEAT presented at ISTSS by Andy Santanello.

ABCT 2007 Workshops
This page includes powerpoint slides from ABCT workshops in 2007 on core skills and working with challenging patients by Steve Hayes and Kirk Strosahl.

ACT Oceania II, Christchurch NZ
This page includes available powerpoint presentations from ACT Oceania II.

God is a Verb - Spirituality SIG
This page includes a power point presentation by Amy Murrell from World Con I titled God is a Verb.

London Ontario 1-Day Workshop with John Forsyth
This page includes the power point from an ACT workshop by John Forsyth.

Chateauroux, France 3 Day Workshop with Benji Schoendorff, en francais This page includes information and the powerpoint presentation from this workshop.

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