ACT with Children and Adolescents - Amy Murrell Half-Day Didactic

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I said that I would post these slides, so as promised, here they are. This was for a half-day, didactic (with a few small experiential pieces) workshop that I gave yesterday. The audience was mostly graduate students in a program specific to child clinical psychology. There were a few professionals who supervise them, and a handful of grad students from other programs. I am leaving out some videos that I used, but I described what I did in them in the notes. Although the children in them were "actors" not clients, nothing was scripted, and they talked about their own thoughts and feelings as things showed up. Since, I only got their and their parents' permissions for specific audiences - not for posting all over the world - it just seemed right to take those out. I also left out a bit about some client stuff, but the gist of what I did with the client is there :)


Also, I know that someone was looking for teh talk I did on ACT-friendly children's books. I will see if I can find it adn post it soon.

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