ACT in Practice

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Welcome to the companion website for the book!


Case conceptualization is an important part of any psychotherapeutic approach, and the ACT in Practice book helps therapists learn how to take clinically useful ideas from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and actually put them into practice and formulate treatments for a wide variety of clinical concerns. 



The first section of the book offers an introduction to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, an overview of the impact of ACT, and a brief introduction to the ACT's "hexaflex" model. The book also describes how to accomplish case conceptualizations in general and offers review of the literature on the importance and value of case conceptualization.

The first section closes with synopsis of the first, second, and third wave of behavior therapy with explanations of how the different waves would have treated hypothetical clients in specific situations.

The second section of the book covers ways that different ACT approaches can be applied to actual practice.

Quizzes at the end of each chapter help the reader evaluate the information they have just learned.


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