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Bach & Moran, 2008

APA Citation

Bach, P., & Moran, D. (2008). ACT in practice: Case conceptualization in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Oakland, CA: New Harbinger.

Publication Topic
ACT: Conceptual
Professional Issues in Contextual Behavioral Science
Publication Type
ACT, case conceptualization

Every psychotherapeutic model needs literature that shows therapists how to conceive of real-life cases in terms of the particular treatment protocols of that model; this will be the first such case conceptualization guide for acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), one of the most exciting new psychotherapeutic models. More than just a set of techniques that shapes a particular client's treatment, a psychotherapeutic model acts like a lens through which a therapist looks at both individual cases and psychology in general. ACT in Practice offers an introduction to ACT, an overview of its impact, and a brief introduction to the ACT model, describes how to accomplish case conceptualizations in general and offers précis of the literature that establish the importance and value of case conceptualization. This guide also offers possible alternative case conceptualization for cases from different therapeutic traditions, a great help to therapists who come from a more traditional CBT background. Exercises throughout help you to evaluate the information you have just learned so that you may effectively integrate ACT into your practice.