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ACT for Parents of Anxious Children (ACT-PAC) Manual by Lisa Coyne & Phoebe Moore

The ACT-PAC manual is a 6 session manual for parents of children with anxiety. Five of the sessions are for general use, and the remaining module targets parent behaviors emblematic of families of anxious children. The manual was written so that clinicians new to ACT could deliver it word-for-word if they wish; however, it also integrates options for choosing different but functionally equivalent exercises and activities. It is a principles-based manual, and we offer it to our ACBS community in the spirit of open science, to disseminate, share, research, adapt, and improve by our peers who will continue this work. Please do cite us where appropriate. Other than that, please help yourselves to this resource. May we help to support many families who are struggling. -Lisa & Phoebe

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