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Cognitive Fusion Questionnaire (CFQ)

CFQ Update 12th September 2022

The Cognitive Fusion Questionnaire is a brief self report measure of cognitive fusion. It is now in print at Behavior Therapy and can be cited as follows:

Gillanders, D. T., Bolderston, H., Bond, F. W., Dempster, M., Flaxman, P. E., Campbell, L., Kerr, S., Tansey, L., Noel, P., Ferenbach, C., Masley, S., Roach, L., Lloyd, J., May, L., Clarke, S., Remington, R. (2014) The development and initial validation of The Cognitive Fusion Questionnaire. Behavior Therapy, 45, 83-101, DOI: 10.1016/j.beth.2013.09.001

We have been working on the development of this measure since 2007 and the process of scale construction and psychometric properties are described in the attached manuscript. The CFQ is free to use for clinical and research purposes, permission is not needed. A number of people have made translations of the CFQ into other languages and we ask them to make sub pages to this page, sharing the measure and any psychometric properties. If you wish to translate the CFQ into a non English language, please do contact David Gillanders, to ensure a translation has not already been made. To our knowledge there are currently translations in Dutch, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese (European and Braziliian), Japanese, Hebrew, Farsi, Greek, Turkish, Catalan, Polish, Italian, Chinese, Korean, Romanian, Swedish, and Arabic. 

The final manuscript can be accessed here:

We hope this measure is useful to the development of ACT and contextual science across diverse fields, please do use it.

David Gillanders, University of Edinburgh, Helen Bolderston, Southampton University & Frank Bond, University of London, Goldsmiths

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