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Cognitive Fusion Questionnaire - Chinese Validity

ZHANG Wei-Chen, JI Yang, LI Xin, GUO Hui-Na, ZHU Zhuo-Hong (2014) Reliability and validity of the Chinese version of the Cognitive Fusion Questionnaire. Chinese Mental Health Journal, 2014, Issue 1, 40-44. Retrieved from China/Asia On Demand
Conclusion: CFQ-F中文版具有较好的信效度,可在我国用于认知融合相关研究. Conclusion: The Chinese version of CFQ-F has good reliability and validity and can be used for cognitive fusion related research in China.

王小龙, 曹静, 安静, 丁万兵, 索玉兰, 苏华, 李燕, 祝卓宏, 汤永隆 (2015). 中文接纳与行动问卷第二版(AAQ-II)与认知融合问卷(CFQ)在回族和哈萨克族青少年中的信效度检验. 心理学进展, 5(11), 695-701. [Wang Xiaolong, Cao Jing, Jing Jing, Ding Wanbing, Suo Yulan, Su Hua, Li Yan, Zhu Zhuohong, Tang Yonglong (2015). Chinese Acceptance and Action Questionnaire Second Edition (AAQ-II) and Cognitive Fusion Questionnaire (CFQ ) in Hui and Kazak adolescents. Advances in Psychology, 5(11) , 695-701.]

赵雯倩,李小妹,王雯,李璐璐,张蒙悦. (2020). 中文版认知融合问卷在乳腺癌人群中的信效度研究 [Reliability and validity of Chinese version of cognitive fusion questionnaire in breast cancer patients]. Contemporary Nurse, 27(06):25-26.

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