Trauma Doesn’t Define You – An Interview with Robyn Walser - February 2018

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Trauma Doesn’t Define You

In this episode of Self-Help Sat-Nav (by Jim Lucas), I have the pleasure of speaking to one of the world’s authorities on treating traumatic stress. ACT Therapist, trainer and writer, Robyn Walser works at the National Center for PTSD in California and through her own private practice at TL Consultation Services.

I asked Robyn to describe the self-help tool that she finds most useful in her own life and how she has used this in her work with people that have suffering long-lasting effects of traumatic stress.

When you’ve suffered a trauma, it can alter your trajectory in life. People get can get stuck when they buy into the view once a victim, always a victim. The trouble is that when you live your life this way, the trauma you suffered can define you. A more helpful view to take is once a victim. But, how can you live your life as if it didn’t happen?

Robyn shares with us some views on using Mindful Awareness to help you observe your experiences as an experiencer. In the Acceptance & Commitment Therapy literature, this is called Self-As-Context. Join me to understand more about this amazing approach to dealing with, not only the effects of trauma, but also the common unhelpful judgements and evaluations the human mind speaks to us as we move through our lives.



(This information was submitted on February 28, 2018)