Starting a New Chapter, SIG or Affiliate

Printer-friendly version are considering creating a local Chapter,  SIG, or affiliate, in your area?

Chapters, SIGS & Affiliates:

Chapters are established within states, regions, countries, or within language communities, while Special Interest Groups are defined by a group with a common interest in a topic.  Affiliates are a much less formal, much smaller geogrpahic version of a chapter. 


Chapters are established with minmally states, large geographic regions, countries, provences, or common language communities.  (Organization at a level smaller than "state" aren't being encouraged as of Sept. 2012, but please talk to us.) Given their purpose, Chapters are more formal entities than SIGs.  Click here for chapter application & guidelines.


They function as geogrpahic sub-chapters.  Much smaller than geogrpahic state chapters, perhaps cities, perhaps even smaller.  They can be formally associated within the larger regional chapter (but they dont have to have any formal sponsorship with the larger chapter).  They should at least let their regional chapter know they are starting up and try to coordinate efforts with surrounding chapters.  Click here for affiliate application & guidelines.

Special Interest Groups (SIG's):

SIG's are defined by a group with a shared interest in a specific topic, advancing a specific area of knowledge, learning or technology.  SIG's can be less formal entities, dont neccessarially have to have formal boards, formal elections, etc...they can however be set up in a formal way with boards, elections, if they so wish.  Click here for SIG application & guidelines.

Applying to Become a Chapter or SIG

Below you will find a hyperlink to all you will need to apply to ACBS.  Considerations before starting, the online chapter application, the Chapter Handbook, (remember to apply you must be a current paid member of ACBS, you must be logged in to view these files).

Don't forget! Before your Chapter application can be reviewed by the ACBS Board, you must submit the signature & contact info of the individuals in support of the development of the Chapter to staff Emily in the main office. Only current ACBS members can submit their signature in support of the Chapter. Electronic signatures are accepted (with the person's name, email, and full affiliation in the signature), and please compile them into one document before submitting them; do not send them to ACBS staff individually.

Here is the hyperlink to all you will need, along with basic considerations before filling out application.