Sport, Health, and Human Performance SIG

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Sport, Health, and Human Performance SIG

Affiliated 2014

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Contact Information

Emily Leeming, MA
University of Nevada, Reno
Reno, NV, USA

SIG Officers

Emily Leeming, MA, President
Tobias Lundgren, Ph.D., Vice President

SIG Mission/Objectives

The mission of this Sport, Health, and Performance SIG is to promote the practice and research of contextually supported interventions within populations seeking higher levels of performance. This sport, health and performance SIG will meet these goals by creating an open, collegial, and supportive environment for all members. This SIG seeks to contribute to the growing body of work within the area of third wave approaches to human performance and healthy living. The SIG encourages its members to creatively apply third-wave models to their work, training programs, clinical practice, and research.

Description of SIG membership 

Researchers and clinicians interested in the investigating and application of both basic and applied third wave approaches to sports, health, and performance.

General Interest Area to be Specifically Addressed by SIG

The general interest for this SIG is to foster a community that promotes the dissemination and collaborative evaluation of contextually based research and practice in the area of sport, health, and human performance.

SIG Activities

To accomplish this mission, this SIG will promote the utilization and research of ACT through the following activities:
• Sport, Health, and Performance SIG listserv
• Sport, Health, and Performance SIG meetings at ACBS Annual World Conference
Sport, Health, and Performance SIG Resources webpage