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Romania - Mures County - Targu Mures - Affiliate of ACBS

Mures County - Targu Mures Affiliate of ACBS

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Affiliated 2019


Cosmin PopaCristiana-Manuela Cojocaru


GE Palade University of Medicine, Pharmacy, Science, and Technology of Targu Mures
Department of Counseling, Career Guidance and Informing Students (DCCGIS)
Targu Mures, Mures County, 540142

Our center provides psychological diffrent approaches in psychotherapy, as well as Process-Based Therapy (PBT-T) and CBT. These activities are achieved through an integrative approach that incorporates the use of Acceptance and Commintment Therapy (ACT) techniques in order to facilitate psychological flexibility, including mindfulness, acceptance, cognitive defusion strategies, as well as and values-based exercises and action plans. The final purposes of these programs are to reduce academic stress by improving emotional management and to promote a values-based living.

In addition, the implementation of research projects on the psychotherapeutic field represents an important goal in our professional activity. In this respect, the simplified model of ACT is an important evidence-based psychotherapeutic method regarding psychological interventions for individuals who face anxiety, depression or another emotional disorders. Nevertheless, the disseminations of ACT, CBS and RFT model in our profesional communities represents another important objective. Therefore, this will consist in scientific presentations at conferences, clinical workshops and publications regarding the psychological treatment from the ACT perspective.

Moreover, another research area that involves our team is related to the fields of clinical psychology. Specifically, we are interested in the implications of psychological flexibility/ inflexibility processes in emotional disorders co-occuring with serious menthal health conditions like schizophrenia, psychiosis and personality disordes, as wel as chronic medical conditions. Also, the investigation of psychological difficulties that accompany various medical procedures, such as surgical interventions using the ACT framework is another important focus of our Affiliate.

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