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09: An Introduction to Committed ACTion with Daniel J. Moran

In this episode, Daniel J (DJ) Moran, Ph.D., of Pickslyde Consulting, and co-author of the book ACT in Practice: Case Conceptualization in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, discusses committed action, or the behavioral "meat" of ACT.  Join Jen and John as they discuss bringing it all together, using behavioral principles, behavior therapy techniques, and the other 5 ACT process to promote patterns of behavior that are vital and healthy.

About Dr. Moran:  

Dr. Moran was trained in behavior analysis and has been an active part of the ACT/RFT community since 1994, contributing at conferences and serving on the ACBS board of directors. His book (with Dr. Patricia Bach), ACT in Practice, teaches psychotherapists how to develop case conceptualization skills that are aimed at improving practitioners’ ACT interventions. (Click here for the companion website for the book and free resources.) For five years, he was the director of Trinity Services in Illinois, where he ran an internship and practicum that taught therapists how to do ACT and evidence based treatments. Most recently has begun a consulting organization (Pickslyde Consulting), in which DJ employs ACT strategies to help accelerate work performance, increase safety behaviors, improve innovation, and increase leadership and management skills in the workplace. He has also appeared on several episodes of reality television programs such as "Hoarders" helping individuals with this difficult-to-treat form of obsessive compulsive disorder.