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08: An Introduction to Values with Joanne Dahl

In this episode, Joanne Dahl, Ph.D., Associate Professor and senior lecturer of Psychology at University of Uppsala in Sweden and co-author of the book The Art and Science of Valuing in Psychotherapy: Helping Clients Discover, Explore and Commit to Valued Action Using Accceptance and Commitment Therapy, discusses personal values from an ACT perspective. Join Jen and John as they identify values and learn about leading a life directed by values, even when life is challenging. About Dr. Dahl:  

In addition to writing the first ACT book for therapists all about values, Dr. Dahl has conducted therapy and research with both metal health and behavioral medicine populations throughout her career, and is the author of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Chronic Pain, and a self-help book on the topic, Living Beyond Your Pain: Using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to Ease Chronic Pain. She trains graduate students in ACT, FAP, and clinical behavior analysis, and as an ACT Trainer, travels around the world leading trainings. She also has conducted psychotherapy groups with individuals in developing countries, and has collected data demonstrating the efficacy of this work.