The Detailed Guide to Using the Listserv for Non-Geeks

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Here are several pointers and general information about the functioning of the ACT List for Professionals. Most of the information applies to all of the other email lists, but the email address and website will be different for each list. 

Note: During the Summer/Fall of 2013, the ACT and RFT listservs left the Yahoo Group system, and moved within to the ACBS website. For information on these new listservs, visit this page:

What is a Listserv?

A listserv means that a group of people are members, and when an email is composed and sent, it gets received by all members.  The ACT list for professionals, for example, has a couple thousand members worldwide. 

Joining the List

Everything you need to join a listserv on the ACBS site is here:

Paid ACBS membership is required to join an ACBS listserv.  With values-based dues it's easy to join!