What are Values-Based Dues?

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Values-Based Dues simply means that you choose how much you want to pay for your membership dues.

If you think the website is a terrific resource and want the support the organization and website please give more.

If you're new, just curious, or a poor suffering student, give less. If you've just signed up for very little, and then realize what a gem this community is, you can go back and give more to support it.

Suggested Dues (in US dollars):

  • Professional Members: $70
  • Student Members: $35
  • Affiliate Members (or general public): $35

Minimum Dues Payment: $13

Obviously, if everyone joins and only pays $13, our grand experiment will have failed and we'll have to go back to the standard method of dues collection. The current structure allows for new people to learn about ACT & RFT without a large financial burden.

The basic website is free, but non-members don't have access to everything on the website.

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