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Assessing psychological flexibility and mental health in adults: The Psy-Flex European Portuguese version

Journal of Contextual Behavioral Science (JCBS)
Volume 32, April 2024


Marina Cunha, Ana Temido, Soraia Moniz, Ana Galhardo


The current study developed the European Portuguese version of the Psy-Flex. Its factor structure was studied through confirmatory factor analysis in a large community sample (N = 700) and cross-validated in calibration and validation samples created from the original sample. Confirmatory factor analyses confirmed a sample and sex-invariant single-factor structure with a very good fit to the data. These analyses supported good reliability and test-retest reliability in the PsyFlex European Portuguese version. Correlations with related and unrelated constructs were indicative of convergent and predictive validity. Because it is short and easy-to-use, it reduces participant burden and may be useful in clinical and research settings. The European Portuguese Psy-Flex version will allow the broadening of research possibilities not only in Portugal but also across cultural contexts.

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