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USA - NYC & Greater NY Region

ACBS Greater New York Metropolitan Region (NYC - ACBS)

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Contact Information
Chapter Website

Jonathan Kaplan, PhD, President, 2023 – 2024
Brian Mundy, LCSW, President-Elect, 2024
Liliane de Aguiar-Rocha, DBH, BCBA, QBA, MCPC, Manager, 2024 - 2025
Abu Nasim, PhD., Treasurer, 2024 - 2025
Ashley Wiscovitch, , MA, MHC-LP, Member at Large, 2024 - 2025
Bethany Bahl, MHC-LP, Member at Large, 2024
Nicholas Dynan, Student Representative, 2024

Michael Femenella, PhD
Yosef Gurevitch, LCSW
Michael Maher, PhD
Donald Marks, PhD
Mark Sisti, PhD
Laura Silberstein-Tirch, PsyD
Dennis Tirch, PhD

Vision Statement

NYC-ACBS is dedicated to the alleviation of human suffering and the empowerment of all people, recognizing humans' psychological inflexibility as the source of oppression, bias, discrimination, stigma, and structural inequity.

Mission Statement

Beginning with a focus on our organization, and looking more broadly to society at large, NYC-ACBS is a local community of practitioners, scholars, researchers, educators, and others, committed to:
● Providing dynamic trainings in ACT, RFT, and related disciplines for our community;
● Disseminating contextual behavioral science;
● Respecting and valuing diversity, and creating an environment that is inclusive of all;
● Eliminating policies and practices that have negative impacts on marginalized and/or
vulnerable groups, as defined by members of those groups; and
● Creating and advocating for more equitable and inclusive social policies and practices.

Values Statement

Throughout the NYC-ACBS community, we work in a collegial, open, generous, self-critical, non-discriminatory, accepting, critically conscious, and mutually supportive way.

Description of Membership

Members of the association shall be persons who are interested in the advancement of functional contextual science and practice. The types of memberships shall be professional, student, and affiliate.  

Chapter Activities

The association may hold periodic meetings for the transaction of business and presentations regarding developments in contextual behavioral science, application, and the advancement of human welfare.  The association may engage in activities designed to accomplish its purposes, including:

  • Maintain an open monthly study & practice group with rotating facilitators
  • Promote and encourage a variety of mutual ACT peer supervison groups (please contact us about joining these groups)
  • Affiliate, coordinate & sponsor NYC regional and interstate chapters & affiliates with startup and mutual ventures (e.g., NY, NJ, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Long Island)
  • Newsletters, virtual bulletin board, journals, and other publications
  • Maintaining a website, social media (NYC-ACBS Facebook Group and Instagram), and email listserv  ACBS-NYC listserv group
  • Promoting ACT, CBS & RFT professional & public education 

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